Posted by: frkris | January 10, 2015

It’s not my fault

The minute a drunk person does something irresponsible, we start hearing calls to love the sinner and hate the sin. We hear essays about the disease of alcoholism. We are told to feel pity for the person with the disease and then we hear those words, “it is not their fault”. Well today I am just sorry. That is not good enough. I don’t care if you have an addiction issue. If you make a bad decision and that decision leads to the death of another person, it is your fault. You will have to pay a hefty price for the mistake you make regardless of the underlying circumstances.

Perhaps I am tempted to do lots of things which are illegal or perhaps I am just tempted to do things which really I know are not things I should be doing. I have to be responsible for what I do and if I am out of control, then I have to get real and get help, especially if I have a position of responsibility.

When things go wrong, don’t start blaming the poor “sickness” which plagues the person. It is especially insensitive when someone has died as a result of someone’s recklessness. No, this is the time to stand up and say “yes it is their fault”. They are responsible for what they have done and justice will demand a serious penalty.

In the case of the recent story of the Bishop who killed a cyclist, I predict a plea deal and an enormous civil suit against everyone who can be blamed for this horrible lapse in judgement. I also predict a whole host of people feeling sorry for her and expressing solidarity with the disease of alcoholism. I read a blog today where someone talked about addiction as sin. It was an interesting idea and I take issue with it. For you see, all are sinners and in need of God’s Grace but only some are addicts. Perhaps it is addicts who like to put the addiction lens over the whole world to increase their sense of normalization. But I am sorry, I don’t think we ARE all addicts. Sure some have issues which rise to the clinical level which could be diagnosed, but most people live good and honest lives where they love their neighbor and try and cultivate a bit of happiness each day. Don’t try and blame them for your problems. I am sorry, there are times when you get to dance and there are times when you have to tip the fiddler….as the old mountain saying goes.

In conclusion, I would also call to mind the senseless acts of barbarism in France this week. I blame those who pulled the trigger. I blame the radical people who encouraged their violence. I blame all those with blood on their hands. Perhaps they were suffering from some terrible issue or disease……even so, it was their fault the minute they chose to mercilessly take lives. So stop trying to soften these edges and pretend reality is not what it in fact is. The sooner we do that the sooner our national denial might lift and we start taking ownership for our decisions, be they good or bad, and stop blaming predisposition to sin, whatever shape it might take.


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