Posted by: frkris | March 1, 2015

Get Low!

Watched a great movie recently and it really made me think. I don’t want to give any spoilers away but I think the Robert Duval movie “Get Low” is worth a watch. The movie made me think about how we make presumptions throughout our life. Something in our brains gets a few dots of the story and then we quickly connect those dots in a linear way and make conclusions. Sometimes these conclusions are far from the truth. Sometimes these conclusions hurt people. I have watched throughout my life as a story would break where only a few parts were known, and suddenly there was long litany of innuendo which cascaded. Why do we act like this? What is it that makes people migrate to the salacious? Sometimes when we are maligned, we spend our remaining breath seeking to proclaim our truth, whatever it may be, to a world which seems more interested in the story of what could have been. Perhaps that is one message I take away from this fine movie. We judge at our own peril. We who expend energy running others into the mire of our own manufacturing will be the ones living lives of confusion and it is we who die, not those living at the sharp edge of our gossip.

The other thing which really found its way into my heart through this movie is the idea of forgiveness. I remember writing back in 1990 or 91 that human forgiveness was impossible because it required us to behave in a Divine way which was something we did not have the capacity to do. Imagine my thinking has moved on quite a bit from those days, but I still ponder sometimes whether a person has the ability to truly “forgive” one who has wronged them. We spend our lives learning to live in a dance with the wrongs which we experience, and we seek to find ways to not allow those things to cripple our ability to function. It would be easy to allow those very real hurts and places of unfairness to create a deep tangle such that the wheels of our functionality become unable to turn. Each movement and each discourse has an underlying tension which comes from that mire of feeling….that deep sense of injustice. So how do we let that go? Is that what forgiveness is? Because I am talking about the wrongs others do to us when our wrongs don’t warrant the hurt brought upon us. So often actions and reactions are far too complicated for a simplistic interpretation….like hearing a mother say, “you hit hi, now say you are sorry….and you say sorry too for calling him a name”. It just never seems to be that simple. And yet the thing the movie helped me to explore was how the main character really just wanted to unburden himself. He wanted the truth to be known. There was an element of responsibility which he had to own but there was a mystery of fiction which had grown around the absence of any explanation.

Perhaps if we speak our truth in love, live generously, resist the temptation to assume the worse and give people an opportunity to come from a place of intrinsic goodness, then we might have a chance to rise up before we get low. I could certainly sense my to-do list as I watched the movie and listened to the beautiful music for I succumb to the temptation of shallowness at times, just being critical and projecting my junk into every life situation. Not sure I have enough shelves to place my fragments on, but the bag gets mighty heavy when one doesn’t have a way of setting aside hurt…..when one doesn’t have the strength or the faith to find this thing called forgiveness. But one day the journey and the struggle for relevance will end, and we shall cease writing our story in this world. It will be at that point that we can bury our hurt and burdens under the earth for good, and find authenticity, clarity, and peace…at last.  


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