Posted by: frkris | April 6, 2015

Let’s Go Duke!

Today is the end of the road for a Basketball team who have been on a long mission since the beginning of the season to make it to this game. Of course they are champions before the game begins. Of course the big Red machine of Wisconsin are champs as well being led so beautifully by big Frank.

I remember watching the Blue Devils win in 1991. I remember the smell of bduke headerurning benches on the quad. I remember the sounds of cheering. I remember the pride shared collectively and that feeling of arriving at the end of the road with no more games to play….and no games lost in the tourney! I pray that those at Duke now will get to enjoy that feeling (which I also got to feel in 92!) I hope they can look at those banners in the rafters of Cameron and see one from their era. It is a good feeling.

In closing, I hope for a great game with terrific sportsmanship. I pray for the great players to play with greatness. I pray that some little kid will watch the game tonight and decide that his dream is to be a badger or a Blue Devil.

Thank you Lord for games of skill to play and enjoy. Thank you for moments of joy in life and their echos which linger. Thank you for great coaches who teach us and inspire us. Thank you for families who demonstrate love. And thank you for the gift of life and for those who struggle this day for a breath. Amen.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments which take our breath away!

….and Let’s Go Duke!!!


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