Posted by: frkris | April 12, 2015

Masters at the Masters

The golf I enjoy on television really epitomizes something of excellence. You just find yourself thinking if these folks will ever miss a shot. How can they possibly hit so many good strokes? Golf, like so many things, is about doing something very basic, over and over again. You line up and swing the club and the ball finds the little hole. They make it look so incredibly easy. I can assure you that it is far from easy… is near impossible to do what these golfers do.

Perhaps we would do well in our own lives to decide to achieve excellence at something. We may not find ourselves standing on short grass with thousands cheering for us, but we can live our lives knowing that the great cloud of witnesses in heaven cheer for us to RUN TO FINISH. (Heb 12.1).

I can’t wit for all of these great golfers to come to Ponte Vedra again for the Players in a few weeks. I hope Jordan’s grandad will stop and say hi again….hope we can share another ham sandwich and I can hear him speak of his pride in his grandson.


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