Posted by: frkris | April 20, 2015

Off to eye surgery!

This week I discovered some blurriness in my left eye and a few spots where it seemed that I had lost vision. It was a bit scary and so despite having house visitors and family visiting I went to the eye doctor. Glad I did. Discovered that I had developed two tears in my retina which is one of the small risks of cataract replacement surgery which I had in this eye back in December. A quick trip to a specialist and we have begun a journey to save the sight in my left eye. Had no idea house serious this all was and was determined to not allow it to negatively impact my daughter’s performance in HAIRSPRAY the musical….which was truly one of the high points of my life as a parent. Being able to see that moment and stand with the audience was life giving!

So today I go off line. I will have this surgery where they put a scleral (sp?) buckle around my eye and fix the tears and then insert a gas bubble into the eye. I then have to stay down for a couple of weeks to recover.

I am blessed to have an amazing wife who has been juggling this with me as well as the demands of the musical amongst other things. So I am off now to face this hurdle of life….but I do so with some wonderful music in my ears….cause you can’t stop the beat….I can hear the bells…..who would have thought the bald guy would be inspired by Hairspray!



  1. I pray that the surgery went well for you!

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