Posted by: frkris | May 1, 2015

Seeing with one eye!

Eleven days on and life looks differently with one eye. The surgery seemed to go well  and I now have a buckle around my eye as well as a lovely gas bubble inside my eye which works to press the retina back onto the back wall of my eye. Time will tell how well everything is healing. I am happy to report that the soreness is now minimal although the pressure and related headaches are still annoying. I also cannot see out of this eye but was thrilled that some fuzzy light is coming through when I open my eye (which I have been careful not to do out of fear of being X rated).

Added to this personal health drama we have endured two separate short hospitalizations with Kiah (breathing junk) and then Caroline managed to get sick and the dog was reacting from fleas…….a friend saw me and called me Job. I was beginning to ask “what the heck did we do to deserve this mess!”

Hopefully we are on the back side of this drama. Kiah made it back to school and seems to slowly be getting back to her happy self….grumpy outbursts at her brother are signs of good health. Chloe is still flying on a hairspray cloud and eager to escape to a new life at Florida State University where she is ready to rock the theatre department. She works hard with her childcare jobs and singing at church. She occasionally posts music on youtube which I enjoy.

Katherine continues to enjoy LAX and even scored a few goals in her last games. Her you tube:  Calum has begun Spring Football as a rising Senior and seems to be kicking better than ever. He is driving well and driving me around with my one eye. His CK Gaming world is ever expanding with subscribers and I love his creativity.

I remain hopeful that life will return to a new normal…..whatever that is. The one thing that is for sure is that there will be vision and awareness in the next phase of my life. Sometimes when you can’t see with you eye, your heart is able to see with new clarity, which can be pretty amazing. You see and feel love… become sensitive to the needs of your heart. You become blind to some of the bright lights of this world which do nothing more than distract and distort.

Thanks for the kind wished and prayers for the return of my vision. I hope this blog would suggest that some new vision has already come. That said, take are of your eyes!!! Holy cow, you do not want to have to have this surgery.

For the brave and curious, here is a video of the procedure I had….pretty graphic so be warned!!!!!!!


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